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Naked Heart Foundation supports families of children and young adults with conditions such as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and other special needs in post-Soviet states.

This work aims to break the cycle of child institutionalisation and ensure that children with mental and physical disabilities remain with their families, enjoy a happy and fulfilled childhood, and can exercise an equal right to basic opportunities in life.

We were amongst the first charities working with Russian-speaking communities to start applying systemic approach to ensure the help we provide is the most effective.

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WE advocateWE advocate
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WE advocateWE advocate


We carry out extensive educational programmes for childcare specialists and parents/carers, giving them access to the latest effective and internationally approved methods of helping children and adults with special needs.

We drive implementation of best evidence-based support programmes for people with intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities in Russia and beyond, and work with the world’s leading organisations and institutes.

We are pioneers in the field of inclusive education in Russian-speaking countries. Our trainings for school and pre-school teachers and other specialists allowed hundreds of children previously considered “unteachable” to get access to education and fulfil their potential.

Education Project: Introducing local NGOs to internationally acknowledged, evidence-based methods of work through various seminars and training

nakedheart.online: An online platform where parents and specialists can find information on evidence-based methods of support for children and adults with special needs

Publications: Translating and adapting leading international research on special needs and creating manuals and guidelines for Russian-speaking specialists based on the Foundation's experience of implementing evidence-based support programmes

Forum and Conferences: Bringing together Russian-speaking specialists and leading international child development experts for annual International Forums and regional conferences


We provide free support services for families of children and young adults with special needs, which give them access to parent-support programmes, early intervention programmes, education in nurseries and state schools, summer camp holidays, preparation for independent living and employment, pre-professional training, legal support and much more;

We work together with partner NGOs to maximise impact. We strongly believe in partnerships and achieving a greater impact through supporting other non-profit organisations committed to the same mission, vision and values as ours. Such approach allows us to expand our reach and help improve more people’s lives faster and more efficiently.

The grants we issue to partner NGOs help children and their families receive access to much-needed social, psychological, legal and educational support services.

Early Intervention Project: Early Intervention programmes for children with ASD

Motor Function Disorders Project: Increasing specialists' knowledge of evidence-based practices for helping children with cerebral palsy and other motor function disorders.

Summer Project: Organising inclusive summer camps for children and young adults with ASD from local NGOs and train their staff modern technologies for helping children with special needs

Supported Employment Project: Training for professionals to help young people with autism and other special needs find and maintain employment

Centres: Free support services for families raising children with special needs and a training ground for other NGOs

Play Project: More than 200 inclusive play facilities in over 150 towns and cities in Russia and internationally

WE advocate

We were at the forefront for changing the way society perceives people with mental and physical disability.

We are active in our dialogue with the media to raise awareness of our cause and the issues surrounding openness and inclusivity in society, championing the rights of children and adults with disabilities.

We create impactful advocacy campaigns with influencers and opinion makers in order to change attitudes to physical, mental and sensory disabilities.

Legal Project: Supporting a group of legal advisers to ensure the rights of children and adults with disabilities, and increasing the legal literacy of their parents and specialists working in that field.

Advocacy: The advocacy of developing an inclusive society is aimed at changing social and governmental attitudes towards children and adults with intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities and their families.

we will not be able to help:

  • Those who are looking for the treatment or rehabilitation of a particular child
  • Professionals and organisations that use support programmes with no scientific evidence of effectiveness in their work
  • Organisations that provide their services for money

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