Naked Heart Foundation have benefitted over 21,000 children and young adults with special needs and their families in post-Soviet states. We are the number one organisation associated with this cause within the Russian-speaking community.

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in this section:
success storiessuccess stories
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success stories


Galya is from St Petersburg. Because of her disability Galya found it difficult to tell her parents what she wanted and needed. If she disliked a game or her food, she would just scream and run away. Thanks to the intensive support programme ran by Naked Heart Foundation Galya has learnt how to express her needs and wishes in a way that’s comfortable both for her and for others. She doesn’t need to run away anymore!

Ira is from Nizhny Novgorod. She has autism. Before Foundation's intensive intervention programme Ira found it difficult to express herself. She often cried and felt frustrated. Thanks to Naked Heart Foundation she started classes with qualified specialists and learnt to communicate with her family. She feels much happier and enjoys the same life as her peers. She loves going to nursery, swinging in her hammock and dancing like nobody’s watching.

Tanya lives in Nizhny Novgorod. She has autism and couldn’t make herself understood; when she started classes at Naked Heart Family Support Centre she couldn’t even say “Hello”. Just four month later she learnt to communicate using special cards with symbols. Now she can show what she needs and ask questions. And this month she started greeting all her teachers at the Centre! Tanya is so happy to have a voice! She wants to become a doctor when she grows up but for now enjoys assembling jigsaw puzzles with cars.

Kirill lives in St Petersburg. Kirill’s disability meant he struggled to be around other children, quickly becoming frustrated and angry. If he wanted to play, he would just pull hair or sometimes even beat another kid to attract his attention. Thanks to intensive support programme ran by Naked Heart Foundation he learnt how to play with other children without hurting them. It made a huge difference to his and his family’s lives and he can now spend hours playing toys and hide-and-seek with his friends!

Kolya is from Nizhny Novgorod and went to Naked Heart Family Support Centre. Thanks to Naked Heart Foundation Kolya and other children with special needs receive intensive support programme. He learned how to communicate with specialists and children, use schedules and behave in different social situations. Classes at the Centre made the life of his family so much easier.

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We have play facilities and family support services spread across several countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and more. This map indicates both our playgrounds and services.

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